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Post by Apache on Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:39 pm

SEP has a very basic set of conditions for our community to follow when it comes to creating characters. Each rule should be followed or you cannot use the desired character in the RP.

Character Design
There is no limit to how the characters show markings or pelt colors. Keep "rainbow" colors to a minimum. Eye colors are endless! Be as creative and unique as you wish. View the biographies of our current members if you need a hint of what is allowed and endless in SEP. Charaters may be realistic if you choose.

Characters may have anything they wish in terms of how to decorate your character. Avoid using wings as our rp and theme in general is semi-realistic. Addition character accessories outside what your character joins with are to be bought in the Clan Shop.

SEP does allow some sort of magical use for our characters but it is limkted to the list provided by the council based on your clan and rank. View the Extensive Traits Guide for more information.

Character fits rank
It is entirely confusing if your character goes into a rank he or she does not enjoy. Be sure that if you would like to change ranks, it will cost you Sun Chips based on how long you have been in that rank. The same goes for switching Clans.

Characters are of course, subjuct to all sorts of disabilities. These should be kept realistic so everything makes sense. If your character has a missing leg, they should carry a possibility of pain or an amount of not being able to travel as quickly as the rest of the pack, as example.

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