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Council Duties and Expectations

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Council Duties and Expectations Empty Council Duties and Expectations

Post by Apache on Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:48 pm

Council Members of SEP

The SEP Council is made up of three members from each of the clans, creating a total of six members. There is no rank within the pack associated to becoming a council member. You can be a healer or chief and still be a council member. Members are approved by staff and apply by their own will. Council members are not above any member of the community. They simply enforce rules around the forums, help with character based managements and carry out things in RP such as pack meetings.

Requesting to be a Council Member
Members of the council excel at following the rules of the forums. They haven't had a warning and they love to assist and manage things around the forums. By requesting to join the group, you are accepting a great responsibility. Activity is key. To join us, fill out the following form below after reading the rest of this guide and send it to Apache and Gabriel to determine whether you are officially eligible.

Know your Duties as Administrator or Moderator
As an Admin or Mod, you need to know the extent of your "powers" given to you as a member of the council. Below, is a list for each status to know what his or her duties are as a member of the council. If you have questions, PM a founder or fellow councilman.

Adminstrator Duties

- Activate New Accounts
- Operate Moderator Control Panel tools
- Manage Character Status on Profiles
- Ban\Dlete inactive or rule breaking users
- Operate mod\admin control in Cbox

Moderator Duties

- Manage Member Profile Information
- Operate Moderator Control Panel Tools(Based on assigned Forum)
- Operate Mod controls in Cbox

Extensive duties may include, but are not limited to(When Founders are absent)

- User Account Activation
- Management of Events\Activities\Character Training
- Conduct Activity Checks Monthly
- Manage Sun Chip and Item Transactions

STEP into the LIGHT
where shadows will

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Warning Status:
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