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Role Play Rules

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Role Play Rules Empty Role Play Rules

Post by Apache on Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:36 pm


Yep, we have role play rule just like everyone else. These are to be followed at all times. If you have questions, post them in our help forum, thank you.

1. Do not double post
SPAM is a nuisence around the forums. If you were the last to post and the rp goes into a stand still, ask a fellow user to post. Im sure once a plot is started, it will go somewhere.

2. Five Sentences or more!
Post limit has to be five sentences or more. Dialogue will not count. If you have trouble posting more than a couple sentences, use thought and actions to enhance your post other than surroundings.

3. Translate Foreign Languages
We allow any language to be used by you character but you must provide a translation as most may not be bilingual.

3. Do not powerplay
It is not fair to say that your character can never die or you are invincible or able to ressurect. Please be mindful that the roleplay is to be treated fairly for a fun and interactive experience.

4. Keep RP Profile Slot updated
This slot will allow everyone to know where to find your character if they wish to rp with you. Keep it up to date in case of events and patrols are sent to find pack members.

5. Do not backseat mod
If a post doesnt follow our rules, report it. Don't try to take the situation into your own hands. Reporting it will prevent dramatic scenes.

6. Only Control your character
Do not rp another users character. For example, if you bit someone a say in your post that the users character was injured, this is rping anothers character. Make the post seem unclear in a way that the other user chooses what happens to their character. Use the plot system in Developement if you and another user want to discuss what happens to your characters.

7. Love at first site is a myth!
Develope bonds between characters. Dont jump into a relatioship with another character right away.

8. Timeskip mating rituals
Making babies part of relationships will be timeskiped. Flirtations and interaction in appropriate ways are allowed. If you are unsure about what that means, talk to a council member.

9. Include Everyone!
Some people may not know how to enter the roleplay and not post much. Step up and include them so they can get in on the fun too.

10. Keep OOC and IC separate
Do not rp with you OOC account if you have one. Keep characters separate from how it is in life so that we dont feel the authors feels if they are sad about a break up or angry about a fist fight.

11. No Mind Readers
Dont act like your character knows everything. It ruins the act of roleplay. You may know what happens in your developement topic, but roleplayers want to see how it plays out because you could actually twist it up.

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