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Post by Apache on Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:35 pm


1. Rated PG-13
Everything on the site including pictures, roleplay, chat, signatures, etc are rated PG-13. We do advise that if anyone is uncomfortable with minimal swearing or semi-graphical scenes of rp, that you avoid filling out a form. Some of us are over the age of 18 and as such, find it well appropriete to reach that typical age range. This rule does have limitations. Avoid using s***, a******, b**** and so forth. hockey sticks, hell, darn, and things like that are fine. If you are unsure, ask an admin or simply do not use the word you have in mind to avoid trouble if not asked by an admin. ALL images of SEP may contain minimal swearing listed above. Blood and gore should be kept to a PG-13 level. If unsure, ask a staff member. Roleplay may contain minimal swearing and blood related scenes. Not nightmarish, but action intensity is fine.

2. Keep Account Information to Yourself!
Account sharing is strictly forbidden from SEP. This will help with trolling prevention. If a friend is looking into joining us, but not as a membership, please know that friend status is an option. If your account has been hacked, please alert a staff member immediately. Change your password and make sure to report any details of who it might be. Unfortunately, if the situation is with someone you know outside the site, the only thing we can tell you is change your password. Member related hacks we can certainly fix. Send us name, username of their account, what happened, your current password, whether or not you've changed your password after the hacking and reasons why you think they would have your account. 

3. Personal Information is Confidential!
As part of internet safety, we advise all of our users to keep addresses, phone numbers, personal names, and the like to yourself. If you know someone in real life who is a part of our community as well as yourself, we request you keep it to yourself so that both persons are protected from personal conflicts within the pack. 

4. You MUST fill out a joining form!
SEP refers to joining forms as "Scrolls". Every user will need to fill one out upon joining the pack. Registrations will not be activated unless we approve you form. Creation of  additional characters will also require joining forms so that we know who the character belongs to. Joining forms may be found either on our wolfquest thread or here on the 
site via the guest forum.

5. Do not God-mod!
Godmodding is when a user acts out as a highly ranked member outside of rp. In other words, they conduct the roles of an administrator even though they are not a staff member. Helping a member is different from god-modding; something a handful of people tend to confuse. If you are directing a member to the biography templates, answering a question they may have in the help forum, or anything else of that nature, you are being helpful, not godmodding. Directing people about breaking a rule, announcing that someone elses' topic has been locked and moved is concidered godmodding.

6. Be respectful!
Everyone here is at their own sense of maturity level. Even though we consist of a diverse community with people from different cultures, countries, etc, we still need to respect how they are. Roleplay levels vary in this community. Some opinions on certain topics are open minded. We should respect all points of view. Look at SEP as one big happy family. Harrassment and bullying are not tolerated around the forums of SEP. Being rude and forceful does not earn you key in this community. It is very sincere from the staff that this specific rule be followed at all times. We are a fun, active family in here. Please show that it is.

7. Participate for Activity
There are many things for members of SEP to enjoy. If not all, at least something may interest you. Participation is key to maintaining privileges around the forums. Lack in participation may result in loss of certain privileges. 

8. Vote for your HOME
SEP is a family and we would love to see it grow. On the front page of the forum you will find several roleplay voting buttons for you to click on and vote for SEP once a day. The more votes we have, the higher up we are in the ranks. The higher up we are in the rankings, the more we grow! Start clicking!

9. Rigister with your Wolfs Name
Several roleplay websites permit users to be as creative as they wish with their usernames. SEP requests that everyone register with their wolfs name in clear, readable letters for these reasons: A lot of the time most usernames are unreadle because they are in some symbolic nonesense so no one knows the name of your character. SEP does host activities where users can change up their username, so there is no reason to fret. We simply enjoy the least complicated ways to indentify our members. The "Username is already teken" sign of the forums is well known to staff. If you need to join with a few numbers in your name to bypass the phrase above, staff will have them removed upon activating your account. No worries at all. If the username you are trying to register with truly does exist and they are an active member we will ask you to choose a different name. If the user is inactive, you may use the name that "exists". NPC names are excluded meaning that even though you want your name to be "kodiak and an NPC name with "Kodiak already exists, you can still join with the name "Kodiak". 

10. Copright (C) SEP
Everything found throughout SEP belongs to the pack alone. If we have something that has "(C) name" then it clearly is not ours alone. By contacting the owner, you may use what we have here. Codes, images for avatars, and things like that do belong to us as we did make them. Credits were properly given to the owner if anything was manipulated. If you would like to use something of ours, please contact Apache for permits and terms of use.

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