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Character Plots Empty Character Plots

Post by Apache on Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:08 pm

Lets not get the character plots confused with plot topics. The plot topic in Developement are for descussion and planning what happens in Rp. This guide will explain how that works so it goes smoothly and without question.

Requesting a Plot
First off, both parties must agree to the desired plot between that specific users character. The plots will be for the characters involved in the plot only. When you request a plot, fill out the desired form found in developement and wait for a staff member to approve it. All character involved in the plot will fill out the requested form. Afterwards, staff will edit the plot topic to keep tabs on character stats that will be edited at the end of the plot.

Plots may have any title concerning their plot, but include whether it is Open, Closed, or Limited.
Open- the plot is open to anyone in the community
Closed- plot is over OR plot has started
Limited- Creator of the plot is requesting certain members to join the plot

Items along the way
If your character needs to be healed, put this text in green to indicate this. If you need items from the pack store, use tan as an indicator. The lines in your post that are colored based on character needs should be able to allow staff to see it clearly, so when we see your post, we can make the necessary changes as needed.

The Dices Rolls
You'll only find the dices in normal reply, not quick reply. Only roll the desired dices one time. After you,ve roled them, report the post so that staff has a record of what you rolled and what for. Only report the dices post, not the rp post. For more info on the Dices, read the SEP Game Guide.

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